Journey With Jesus

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During the Easter season of 2012, Immanuel Baptist Church will walk through the Gospel of Mark over the two week period leading up to Easter. Our purpose in taking this “Journey With Jesus” is to listen to him as disciples and allow him to speak into our lives in fresh ways. As we walk this journey together, I will be posting my own devotional thoughts on each reading, and participants are invited to leave comments as they desire. Good Friday will mark a communal reading of the crucifixion at Immanuel’s Good Friday Service, and Easter Sunday will unfold similarly as we consider Mark’s account of the resurrection at the 11:00am Worship Service.

Here’s a schedule of readings with links to Bible Gateway:

Sunday, March 25: Mark 1:1-45
Monday, March 26: Mark 2:1-3:6
Tuesday, March 27: Mark 3:7-34
Wednesday, March 28: Mark 4:1-34
Thursday, March 29: Mark 4:35-5:43
Friday, March 20: Mark 6:1-56
Saturday, March 31: Mark 7:1-8:21
Sunday, April 1: Mark 8:22-10:52
Monday, April 2: Mark 11:1-12:12
Tuesday, April 3: Mark 12:13-44
Wednesday, April 4: Mark 13:1-37
Thursday, April 5: Mark 14:1-11
Friday, April 6: Mark 14:12-15:47 (Communal Reading at Immanuel’s Good Friday Service)
Saturday, April 7: A day for reflection
Sunday, April 8: Mark 16:1-8 (Communal Reading at Immanuel’s 11:00am Worship Service)

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