Journey With Jesus: Good Friday and Easter

Join us at Immanuel Baptist Church for public readings of our last two Journey With Jesus passages.  On Good Friday, April 6, at 6pm, we will contemplate the crucifixion together.  On Easter Sunday, April 8, at 11am we will celebrate the resurrection!  Saturday stands as a day for reflection.  We hope to see you atContinue reading “Journey With Jesus: Good Friday and Easter”

Journey With Jesus, Day 12: Devotion

Mark 14:1-11 In today’s reading, we have a story of extravagant devotion surrounded by stories of treachery.  The scheming of the chief priests and elders is teamed with the betrayal of Judas, and against this background, the story of the woman who anoints Jesus’ head with perfume shines all the more brightly.  Commentators point toContinue reading “Journey With Jesus, Day 12: Devotion”

Journey With Jesus, Day 11: Watch!

Mark 13:1-37 Today we face a difficult passage with many points ripe for conversation.  The passage can be divided into two sections.  First, Jesus predicts the destruction of the temple (13:1-23).  Second, he predicts his own second coming (13:24-37).  In a future Wednesday night Bible study (we are currently walking passage by passage through theContinue reading “Journey With Jesus, Day 11: Watch!”

Journey With Jesus, Day 10: Not Far From the Kingdom

Mark 12:13-44 In today’s reading, we once again see various groups seeking to trap Jesus in questions.  The Pharisees and Herodians ask about taxes.  The Saducees ask about marriage in the resurrection, a question that is so complex that it reminds me of math classes in high school.  I can almost see the Saducees movingContinue reading “Journey With Jesus, Day 10: Not Far From the Kingdom”

Journey With Jesus, Day 9: What Kind of King?

Mark 11:1-12:12 You may have noticed over the past week that Jesus often seeks to keep his identity secret.  We see this especially in the healing and exorcism stories when he tells the recipients of his ministry to “go and tell no one.”  Of course, people often ignore this command, but it is nonetheless given. Continue reading “Journey With Jesus, Day 9: What Kind of King?”

Journey With Jesus, Day 8: A Healing Touch

Mark 8:22-10:52 Today’s long reading starts with a strange story.  As with so many other instances in the gospel, Jesus heals, but this account is a little bit different from the rest.  Instead of healing in one motion, Jesus heals the blind man in Mark 8:22-26 in two stages, which can make some of usContinue reading “Journey With Jesus, Day 8: A Healing Touch”

Journey With Jesus, Day 7: Unclean?

Mark 7:1-8:21 Throughout his ministry, we have seen Jesus again and again defying convention in regard to ritual cleanliness and purity.  This is especially true in view of his healings.  The leper, the woman with the bleeding issue, and the daughter of Jairus who passes away, all of whom are considered ritually unclean, are healedContinue reading “Journey With Jesus, Day 7: Unclean?”

Journey With Jesus, Day 6: Counting the Cost

6:1-56 In today’s reading, we see yet another example of a “Markan Sandwich.”  This time, the story of the disciples’ mission is interrupted by the grisly tale of the execution of John the Baptist.  At first glance, the two stories seem to have little in common.  One is the triumphant tale of accomplished mission.  TheContinue reading “Journey With Jesus, Day 6: Counting the Cost”

Journey With Jesus, Day 5: Faith

Mark 4:35-5:43 In today’s reading, we see the power of Jesus on display.  He commands a storm to be stilled, showing his control over the chaotic elements of nature.  He casts out a demon named Legion (as tells us, a legion was “a division in the Roman army, usually comprising 3000-6000 soldiers), thereby showingContinue reading “Journey With Jesus, Day 5: Faith”

Journey With Jesus, Day 4: Parables

Today’s reading can be both difficult and frustrating.  In 4:12, Jesus seems to say that he purposely makes his message hard to understand so that “outsiders” won’t get it.  Then he moves into a series of parables that can leave us scratching our heads and wondering if perhaps we are on the outside!  It’s importantContinue reading “Journey With Jesus, Day 4: Parables”