True Discipleship

Discipleship sometimes gets a bad rap. The world finds it foolish, and even Christians can misunderstand it. One problematic view sees discipleship as a dour process of discipline and self-denial. This is a gross misunderstanding of how discipleship works in the Christian life.

You see, discipleship is not so much about denying as it is about becoming. Think of a musician learning to play the piano. She engages in acts of discipline and denial called practice. But these acts lead to freedom, not oppression. She becomes free to do something that was once beyond her grasp.

Discipleship is much the same. You see, God has a vision of who he created you to be. You are meant to reflect his glory and steward his creation. You are meant to walk closely with Him. This is a glorious and moving vision of who we are meant to be. Unfortunately, we flub this high calling due to the sin in our lives.

Now enter discipleship. It’s not about keeping a list of rules that suck the joy out of life. No, discipleship, complete with its disciplines and denials, makes us free to be who we were created to be. Discipleship is the process of becoming ourselves.

Published by Mike Smith

A disciple of Jesus who likes to write about stuff.

One thought on “True Discipleship

  1. Thank you for sending these wonderful posts. I shared them with Ron. I really gleaned from them. Love you Patti

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